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About Us

Ephesia Beach Club and Ephesia Resort Hotel are located in Ilıca area and is 7 km to Kuşadası centrum,75 km away to Adnan Menderes Airport .

Every single guest leaves Ephesia  with unforgettable and exclusive memories.

Located on the heavenly costs of Aegean , every single hotel of the Ephesia Hotels , are designed with tastes that reflects the culture.

Ephesia Hotels awaits you for an unforgettable holiday, that you will remember with romanticism, exploration and excitement.

Be our guest and prepare yourself for an unforgettable holiday at Ephesia Hotels.

Discover the elegance, comfort and beauty of each of our hotels. Spoil your senses by walking through our colourful and fragrant gardens, relaxing in pure and refreshing waters of the Aegean Coasts and by sampling our sumptuous Turkish cuisine, food festivals and special events.

Service, Quality and Consistency is our top priority for our guests and this is why our guests arrive as guests and leave as part of our family each year.

Become a part of our Ephesia family.