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Quality Policy

♦ By taking the guests as the focus point and searching their demands, needs and expectations, toensure the planning and offering appropriate services in accordance with them,

♦ To do right at the first time and all the time, to correct a mistake immediately, to establish ISO9001 and HACCP Standards,

♦ To improve motivation of our employees by establishing a peaceful working environment withfavor and respect,

♦ To improve our employees by giving them training regularly on sense of quality, hygiene andfood safety,

♦ To make production and offer service in hygienic environments in accordance with legallegislation,

♦ To assure the quality and safety of our products by using raw material which are TSE brand andin accordance with Food Codex,

♦ To make the quality measureable, to determine the objectives in order to ensure continuous improvement with the services offered, and toensure the unity of employees with the management.


To leave a more livable environment for future generations with the contribution of all our employees, carrying out any kind of curative andinstructional activities for environment, such as;­ Efficient use of natural resources­ Following the laws related to the environment­ Prevention of environmental pollutionWe do this by;

· According national legal regulations and ISO 14001 standards,

· Monitoring our water and energy consumption,

· Reducing our water consumption,

· Reducing our energy consumption,

· Reducing the amount of waste with waste management, we create to as little as possible,

· Controling everything that can be harmful to nature and the environment, to minimise harmful effects to the environment during hoteloperation and keep it at a minimum level,

· The right way to explode natural resources by following the technological development,

· Accepting that the guests are the focus, to make holiday in a healthy environment, to find out the expectations, wishes and needs,to plan and execute optimal service,

· Sharing with our staff, guests , outside providers and society the measure we take to protect the environment,

· Researching, project and actively protect the principal of biodiversity.

· Raising the level of sensitivity towards the environment through education and that environmental awareness is a part of live.

· Measuring the effect on the environment, to make a connection between the different conclusions and to specify the targets of thecontinuously improved services provided management and staff as one.

We have BLUE FLAG for our beach and seaside. And the CHEMICALS which we use for disinfection are all environmentally friendly.It is our obligation to nature and society.


A fair deal for staff...  A fair deal for staff means increased recruitment and training of local unskilled and semi­skilled staff, as well as the payment of a livingwage, with health and welfare benefits.No discrimination is made in work relations concerning language, race, gender, political opinions, philosophical beliefs, religion or sect. Inthe preparation of labor contracts, identification of its terms, and its implementation and cancellation, no discrimination is made directly orindirectly with regard to gender and pregnancy. A lower price is not proposed for the same or equivalent job due to gender. The company has never been sued for this reason, nor have we ever received any complaints concerning such matters.


•According to national legal regulations and OHSAS 18001 standards,One of the main work concerns at the Ephesia Hotels is the health and safety of our employees. Enabling continuous control andimprovement related to the matter is one of our most important responsibilities. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee follows the occupational health and safety practices in the work places of Ephesia Hotels, disseminates best practices and carries out reviews.


As declared by UNICEF are supporting children's rights­ Health­ Training­ Impartiality­ The Right to­ Sexual Abuse­ ViolenceOur sensitivity is high in title.


Buying local is the purchase of locally made products and services from our local area. It includes encouraging and offering opportunitiesfor our guests to buy local as well.Sourcing products and services locally not only benefits the people living in destination, it can benefit our business too.


When buying products, do we look for and choose those which are:­ made from recycled products or are recyclable­ sustainably produced/sourced­ Fair Trade/Organic/FSC/MSC etc­ delivered in less packaging­ energy efficient and water saving­ environmentally sustainable.


· Golden Pigeon Festival Competition Team's accommodation has been provıded for the last 4 years,

· Ephesia Hotels support High Schools,

· For the year 2013 as a company TUI UK & Ireland for both overseas and in the UK there are charity events to help local charities. Here in Kusadasi we support the local disabled centre,

· Both of Ephesia Hotels; in order to promote our guests information about the Great Leader Atatürk,

· Ephesia Holiday Beach Club has been awarded for most innovative sustainable development 2012 by TUI Blue Star Hotels Concept,

· We have supported Kuşadası Municipality's the blue flag activities 2013 with our animation team,

· We give all our guests enough information about our region and put them up to trips all around Kuşadası. To do this we use our LCD Televisions where spaced at the reception and lobby. Also our guests watch this programme from TV in their room from channel ­1,

· We follow the development of the school which we supported for organic farming before planting· In the Ephesia Hotels we have donation boxes for the stray dogs' dog house,

· Specialist Job security is employed at both facilities and also we have OHSAS 18001 Certification System,

· Our quality manager and also environmental officer attend training which is given by Chris Thompson in Alanya. Our quality manager and also environmental officer provide Travelife training for our managers and employees with training videos,

· Independent Auditing Firm control points do three consecutive terms from SAI is over 85 points in each facility have been entitled toGreat Diamond Certificate,

· Bronze prize two years in a row we received from the Hotel Puan.Com available,

· Ephesia Hotels get highly recommended certificate from the Zoover visitors,

· Ephesia Hotels get certificate of excellence from the Tripadvisor visitors,

· Ephesia Hotels have ISO 9001­2001 / ISO 10002 / ISO 14001 / ISO 18001 / ISO 22000 systems installed and have the systemcertificates,

· What is Sustainable Tourism and Travelife award received information about what it means to make our guests awareness we areseting up Travelife corners,

· Ephesia Hotels' employees donated blood to the KIZILAY,

· In our facilities, tasting local delicacies made by our guests. Even with the presentation of the traditional dress in the past, such asin the case of floating lemonade man maintained,

· Contributed to the employment of the unemployed in the region participating in Fair Employment,

· In Ephesia Holiday Beach Club we created the fruit and vegetable garden, in the garden you can see tomatoes, peppers,eggplants, cucumbers. Apart from this, fig, mulberry, apricot, tangerine, olive branch,banana trees can be seen by our guests can be anexperimentation in preserving visual touch creates an opportunity to recognize the nature of our guests, especially children,

· In Ephesia Holiday Beach Club we have installed solar heating for hot water. Wehave installed 680 square meters of panels andthere are 4 accumulation tanks about 30 cubic meters. Our invesment is 31304 Euro ,Since 2003 Ephesia Hotel Has been using 90%energy to heat the water,

· We planted trees by working with the foundation TEMA,

· Environmental Activity Surveys prepared from recycled paper and the publication of these surveys and practices, as well as toprotect the environment have made it our guests the opportunity to move Awareness created,

· Environmental Training of all personnel provided at each facility,

· Given contaminated packaging are disposed of chemical waste to licensed companies,

· Both of our hotels have Blue Flag for our beach and the sea. And we have a blue flag board we give information on this board.

· We clean the beach area daily,

· We pay very special attention about useful species (Just like honey bees )while we are doing pest spraying,

· Educational institution's library project continues,

· We study about reducing energy and water saving and training our employees also we take care on purchasing according tosaving energy and buying local.